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On most excursions we hike through the mountains and make several stops to play the alphorn. The approximate walking times can also be found in the descriptions, as well as the additional altitude meters. Choose a destination that suits you. For certain destinations, there are bandwidths – the group decides on the route. Keep in mind that you carry your alphorn on your back in a carrier bag provided by us; the full bag weighs about 5kg and is about 1m long. You can store your personal effects (sweater, rain jacket) in the alphorn bag. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, it is possible to eat in a restaurant. However, you are always free to bring your own lunch.

A day in the alps can have surprises. Make sure you have a warm pullover and a jacket that protects you from the elements. Don’t forget sun screen. However, don’t take too much with you.

I’m looking forward to spend a great day in the alps with you!