Private tours

Groups of up to seven persons looking for an exclusive experience can book a private tour. I propose day trips (Alphorn Day), shorter excursions (e.g. Sunset Trip), or multiple-day tours (Overnight Alphorn). You can also combine a transfer to your next destination with an alphorn course on the way (Alphorn on the Go). Follow the links below to find out more.

Any other idea? We are happy to tailor a program to your specific needs. Call me any time on +41 76 2951703 or use the contact form below.

Spend a day playing alphorn in the midst of stunning scenery. Our minivan brings us to the mountains in the morning. Some alps are then reached by cable car or after an easy hike. You will learn the basics of alphorn blowing and hear about the background of the instrument. At the end of the day, you will be able to play a simple melody together. There is also enough time for a break in a mountain restaurant or simply to enjoy the clean mountain air. Additional options (e.g. visit to a cheese factory) for certain destinations.

A dramatic sunset creates the right mood for a moving alphorn experience. We reach our destination after a short ride by minibus. You will then have the opportunity to try out the alphorn under expert guidance. Afterwards we will visit a mountain restaurant, where you can crown your first alphorn tones with dinner.
Combine your alphorn day with a night in the mountains. For multi-day tours, destinations with a slightly longer journey and/or attractive hike are also open to us. You’ll have more time to blow the alphorn – including sunset and sunrise. You will progress quickly. The starry sky in the pure mountain air and an evening in a mountain hut remain unforgettable.
Don’t waste your time on a boring transfer – rather combine it with an alphorn experience! There are numerous possibilities on the way from A to B: try the alphorn at a beautiful viewpoint, take a break at a touristical highlight or a site of alphorn history, visits an alphorn maker, or blow the alphorn at the lake with the perfect echo. The day flies by and at the end you have reached your new destination.


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